Charlton Vos


Good day parents


First of all, we trust and pray that you and your family will stay safe during this time.  We thank all those parents, who keep their sick learners at home and isolate the family if someone tested positive.  We need to do everything possible to keep everyone safe, at home and here at school.  It is important that we do everything in our power to stop spreading the virus.

As mentioned in the previous letter, we had our first positive case between learners on the 26 May 2021.  For the safety of all learners, we send all FET learners to study at home.  They are back today and will start with the test/exam series for the next two weeks.

Since the first positive case, we had some other cases in the other grades as well:

Teachers – Two more teachers also tested positive.

Most of these cases were reported by parents who had a positive case in the family and tested positive themselves or a member of the family tested positive or they notified the school that the child will isolate because of contact with family or friend who tested positive.  We appreciate the co-operation from the parents’ side.

WE STILL REQUEST PARENTS TO KEEP A CHILD AT HOME IF THEY ARE SICK.  Arrange a letter from a doctor so your child will get a chance to re-write the test.

We are monitoring the situation every day and will take the necessary steps should it be needed.

The following are steps that we already had to implement:

  • The whole FET group was sent home to isolate, because a few tested positive and many claimed they were in close contact. (Some because the broke the rules e.g. not wearing a mask, not keeping distance, share food and drinks)
  • The whole school is back to 50% attendance – they come in smaller groups (ALSO during exam/test weeks)
  • This will also help to have the groups in the buses much smaller.
  • The whole school was sanitized and deep cleaned by a company on 30 May 2021.
  • The buses are sanitized daily – once when all learners are dropped off at school in the morning and again at the depot after all learners were dropped after school.
  • We still request parents to keep their children at home if they are sick.
  • If we identify a learner with symptoms at school, the teacher will send the child to the office.  We will check the symptoms and if necessary, we will contact the parents to fetch the child.
  • We try our best to keep the school free from the virus.
  • Learners are sanitised throughout the day.

After all, we are very proud about the attendance every day, if you take in consideration all flu and seasonal sickness we normally experience during the winter.  Well done, we are proud of our PARENTS and LEARNERS.

IF A CHILD IS ABSENT ON THE DAY, HE/SHE SHOULD WRITE A TEST/EXAM, YOU NEED TO HAND IN A LETTER FROM A DOCTOR.  If not, the child will not be allowed to re-write the test/exam.  A proof of a positive covid test will also be accepted.

We are trying our best to keep all safe and in the meantime, teaching must also carry on.  We monitor the situation the whole time and our last option will be to go back to online teaching.  We understand that many parents are working and for many it is difficult to make time to teach their learners after work.

Let us all take hands and fight this virus back.  We will not lie down.  We will keep on praying for everyone’s safety and together we will stand strong.  

Remember, it is only 2 weeks then the school will be closing for the winter holidays.  School closes on the 25th of June and re-opens again on the 19th of July.


Mr. JS Diedericks