Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 14 | TERM 2 – 2017

Good Day


Only school beanies are allowed. (Available at school)

There are still some learners that are not wearing the correct winter uniform. Some are wearing the wrong colour jerseys and pants.

Please make sure that your child is correctly dressed every day.

All learners in the foundation phase must wear the correct school uniform every day. They are not allowed to wear a jean and school shirt on a Friday. They can only wear casual clothes when it is their birthday. Learner with wrong clothing parents will be called and they will have to bring the correct uniform to school.

We would like to thank all the parents who pay the school promptly each month. Make sure that your fees for June month is paid on or before the 3rd of June 2017. The June accounts will be handed out on the 25th of June. Exam starts soon and it is important to make sure that your child’s fees are up to date, BEFORE THE EXAM STARTS.

No transactions below R50,00. Additional costs may apply on certain transactions.

We have excellent security and we will not lower our standard at all. The safety of our staff and learners during school hours are very important to us.

Due to security reasons and interruptions/distractions, no parent/guardian or visitor will be allowed to meet with educators or learners during school hours.

Appointments must be made using the learner’s school diary and in case of emergency contact the office via telephone or email. No exceptions!!!!!

If your child has a class party, please leave all the eats and drinks at the office before school.

As you know the June exam is upon us. Please make sure that you child did start with preparations for the upcoming exam. We do ask that you make sure they are thoroughly prepared for every exam paper.

The school will be out normal time, 14h00, on the 1 June 2017. Learners are writing both sessions on the 1st June 2017.  As from Friday 2nd of June, school will be out at 12h00, until the 22nd of June 2017. Please make the necessary arrangements with after school transport and after care. The buses will be leaving here at school at 12h00, make sure that there will be somebody to get your child at the bus stop earlier.

All learners must be fetched from school not later than 12h30 every day. There will be no super vision after 12h30 and gates will be locked.


1 June 2017Exam starts school out at 14h00
2 June 2017 till 22 June 2017School out at 12h00
16 June 2017Youth day: Public Holiday
22 June 2017School closes for winter holiday

The school will be closing on the 22nd of June, the grade 12 learners are still writing on the 23rd of June. They will have to arrange their own transport for the day’s exam session. There will be no bus transport on the 23rd of June.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal