Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 12 | TERM 2 – 2017

Good Day

The grade 10 learners took part in the Spelathon at Leeuwenhof School in Johannesburg.  They have enjoyed it very much.  Thank you to Mr. K. Skhonde and Me. M. Louwrens  for the effort involved.

More than 25 schools took part in the Semi-finals.

Charlton Vos learners did extremely well.

Grade 10
Reabetswe Maleka – 6th place
Brigette Motsoeneng

We are very proud of all the learners that took part.  Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

All learners must be wearing Winter Uniform now.  Make sure that your child is neatly and correctly dressed every day.

Learners with wrong uniform will be taken to the office and parents will be contacted immediately.  We have specific rules and all learners need to obey all rules promptly every day.

Only school beanies are allowed. (Available at school)

Thank you very much too all the parents that promptly sent the re-registration form back on the due date of 2 May 2017.  We have limited space available for new registration.  If your re-registration form for 2018 is not back yet please send it to school ASAP.

Learners who had problems paying school fees during the year will not be registered for 2018.  These learners will not receive an application form for the next academic year.    Also remember that learners that gave discipline problems or were involved in serious offences will not be registered for the next academic year, this includes bad behaviour at school.


We would like to thank all the parents who pay the school promptly each month.  Make sure that your fees for May month is up to date.  The June accounts will go out soon, and remember that June fees must be paid by the 3rd of June.  Exam starts soon and it is important to make sure that your child’s fees are up to date, BEFORE THE EXAM STARTS.

No transactions below R50,00.  Additional costs may apply on certain transactions.

We have excellent security and we will not lower our standard at all.  The safety of our staff and learners during school hours are very important to us.

Due to security reasons and interruptions/distractions, no parent/guardian or visitor will be allowed to meet with educators or learners during school hours.

Appointments must be made using the learner’s school diary and in case of emergency contact the office via telephone or email.  No exceptions!!!!!

If your child has a class party, please leave all the eats and drinks at the office before school.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal