Charlton Vos

NEWSLETTER 1 | TERM 1 – 2018

Good day

Welcome back to all everyone, but a very warm welcome to all the new learners and teachers.  We hope and trust that you have spent quality and quantity time with your family during the past holiday.  We give all thanks to our mighty Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that keeps up save every day.

There are just a few important issues to keep in mind:

  • All parents of Grade R to grade 3 had the opportunity to meet the class teachers and also had a conversation with them about your child.  You also handed in the stationery needed for the year at the class teachers.  Bus transport is sorted and your child knows exactly on which bus to go and where to get off in the afternoon.
  • Grade 4 to grade 12 learners got their time table and we already started changing classes and worked since last week Thursday.  Many subjects already had homework.  We do ask that you check your child’s book for the Assessment Plan in each of the subjects that will indicate when they will hand in assessments and when they will be writing tests.  Class tests can be scheduled separately by each teacher.  It stays the responsibility of the parent to make sure that each child is thoroughly prepared for each test and that all assessments are done and handed in on time.
  • All grade 5 to grade 12 learners must have all stationery, including all textbooks now.  If you don’t have all the textbooks you caan contact Thabo, 061 496 7475, to order. He will be at school until Friday this week.  Learners can’t do homework or even following in class if they don’t have the text book needed.

All learners must be at school not later than 07h30.  The first bell will ring at 07h40 and then all must be in their classes.  We start with period one, except on the day they are writing test, then we start with the test period.

Monday to Thursday:  07h40 – 14h00

Friday:   07h40 – 13h00

We have experienced many problems with learners arriving late for school during the first few days already.  The gates will be closing at 07h40 and if your child is late, such child will have to be accompanied by the parent to the office.  The next time your child is late, you will have to keep your child at home.  No late coming will be tolerated.

We do ask that you make sure your child is on time every day.  Also make sure you collect your child not later that 14h15 from Monday to Thursday and not later than 13h15 on a Friday.  If your child is not going to make use of the School bus then you need to inform the taxi, own transport or after care that they need to obey the times promptly to avoid action.  Learners will be outside and we as school will not take any responsibility for any learner after school is out.  Gates will be closed at 14h15 and only extra class learners will be on the premises, others will be outside the gates.

The school uniform is available at Silver Cross, Madelief Centre, Pretoria-North.  The new slim fit pants for boys and girls are available at Silver Cross.  They can only wear the slim fit from Silver Cross.   If your child is wearing any other slim fit, he/she will be send home to redress.

The PT tracksuit pants will also be available from Silver Cross.  It is a black tracksuit pant with our logo and the school’s name embroided on the pants.  NO other tracksuit pant will be allowed for PT.  Please make sure when you purchase your child’s uniform for the next year that you buy the correct clothing otherwise it is going to cost you extra money if they don’t have the correct uniform.  All learners will have PT and need to wear the correct uniform.

Hair, jewellery and nails must be according to school rules.  Please read the diary and make sure your child knows the correct ways.

We have informed you last year at the end of the year that Caddies will not be allowed anymore.  It is a sound nuisance and it is extremely heavy for the learners to carry it around.  It also takes up a lot of space in the class and in the bus.  The correct school bag can be bought from Silver Cross, Madelief Centre, Pretoria North.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank all the parents that paid the school fees for January and February.  All learners got accounts on the 23rd of January 2018 for February 2018.  Fees for February 2018 must be paid on or before the 3rd of February, even if you get paid on the 15th, you still need to keep your child’s account up to date.

We just want to emphasize the fact that if your child’s fees are not paid up to date, your child will not be able to make use of the free bus transport to and from school every day.  If you are transporting your child yourself you MUST FETCH YOUR CHILD NOT LATER THAN 14H15 FROM SCHOOL from Monday to Thursday and NOT LATER THAT 13H15 on a Friday.

School patrollers WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHILD AFTER the above mentioned times.

We don’t have an after care service and we will not take any responsibility for learners after the above mentioned times.  Gates will be closed at those times and your child will be in the street because we can’t take any responsibility after school is out.

As most of you know we have very strict discipline here at school.  We will not bend our rules to accommodate any bad behaviour, disrespect or disobeying of rules.  We incorporated a ZERO TOLERANCE attitude, and that is what we will maintain.  We are going to be more strict on Uniform and personal appearance from 2018.  We therefore ask all parents to help us in this regard and make sure that your child’s appearance and uniform is according to school rules to avoid any immediate action.   We have the cream of the crop here at Charlton Vos College and we would like the world to also see that in our learners’ appearance and doings.

Learners that will be reprimanded will immediately receive a letter and parents will be informed via sms.  We will not allow any learner to cause any kind of disturbance or negative vibe amongst our other learners.

From day one (17 January 2018) the learners started with formal work.  Foundation phase already started with a programme on day one which will be used as assessment  Extra classes from grade 10 – 12 will start soon after the school has re-opened.  These classes are compulsory for all learners.  All learners will receive a school diary where they have to record all homework given and other assignments.  The diary must be complete thoroughly in front and be at school every day [VERY IMPORTANT FOR EMERGENCY]

When you move or change your cell phone number it is imperative that you inform us via email of these changes.  We will keep on sending message to numbers that were given on the application forms that you have submitted.  We send important reminders to all parents.  Many are general messages and other more personal.  Also when we need to get hold of you in case of an emergency we don’t want to struggle to find the correct numbers.

If your child lost any clothing or any other article, such items will be kept either in the class or then in the LOST and FOUND BOX at the security office.  The school, teachers, security, bus drivers and general workers can’t be held responsible for any item lost.

This is one of our biggest concern and headaches.  We do understand that some parents need their children to phone them when at home, but they are not allowed to use their cell phone on the school premises/during school hours.  If we find them disobeying this rule, the phone will be confiscated and can only be retrieved after 3 months.  Cell phones are becoming a huge hazard in our society and many children and adults have been caught in situations that lead to embarrassment or other worse case scenarios.   Parents need to check their children’s cell phones on a regular basis to avoid these above mentioned situations taking place.  We as teachers are doing our best to inform them about the negative sides of sending messages or looking at unsafe and harmful images and videos, but at the end it remains the parents responsibility to keep your child out of harm’s way.  When a learner is found with harmful or pornography items on the phone, such learner can be expelled immediately.  This is a bad influence for other learners in the school and we will deal with it in a very serious manner.  NO LEARNER MAY USE A CELL PHONE DURING SCHOOL HOURS OR ON THE SCHOOL PREMISES!!

As you know most of our classes have interactive white boards that are now used for teaching and learning.  But we didn’t stop there, we are going to use the full e-learning system only for grade 4 from 2018.  Grade 4 learners will not buy any text books for 2018.  All the learning material they need and extra learning material will be given to them.  They will still have exercise books to do homework and assignments in, but no text books!!!!!  (Only grade 4 / 2018)

We would like to take this opportunity and thank our Lord Almighty for a wonderful new year.

Also very important to make sure you know on which bus your child will be travelling – BUS NUMBER – you can also phone Madibana on 082 3791091 for more information concerning the transport.

We as staff and management of Charlton Vos College wish you and your family a Prosperous New Year, and hope and trust that your child will succeed in everything he/she takes on.

May God protect and guide you during the weekend and the new week ahead.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. JS Diedericks
Operational Principal