Charlton Vos




A wide subject choice is offered, with courses leading to University entrance in a strong academic environment. The matriculation class writes the National Senior Certificate.


A limited number of learners are selected on academic performance, back ground and current financial situation.

What we Teach

  • Accountability and initiative

  • Ability to communicate with confidence

  • To have a strong sense of caring for themselves and those around them

  • Personal creativity

  • Ability to develop and sustain meaningful relationships, to work within a group and to be an effective team player

  • Cultural awareness and tolerance with respect to religion, politics and gender

  • Ability to resolve conflict

  • Ability to take responsibility for one’s own physical and mental well being

  • Ability to use science and technology responsibly and effectively and sensitivity towards and appreciation of the environment

Sports & Culture

At Charlton Vos our sports are offered on a small scale, since we focus mainly on our academic achievement.

Sports Offered

Athletics | Netball | Soccer | Bulletjie Rugby

Art competitions, choir and other cultural events are also offered.


We offer free transport for our learners in specific areas only from pick up points in the mornings and after school.

Please contact Mr Oseame on +27 (0) 79 087 1672 for all other
questions or concerns regarding the transport.

Queries | Compliments | Suggestions | Complaints

We request all correspondence be done in writing via email.

For all account related matters please email
for all other matters please email