Payment of School Fees

A legible and comprehensive statement are printed and issued to all students on monthly basis. This statement indicates all debits and credits and parents/guardians must make sure to carefully read the statement and should they not agree with it, respond immediately in order to resolve all disputes without delay.

  • No cash accepted for school fees at our office, as this puts the school staff and learners at risk. Our security policy is one of our foremost priorities and should strictly be adhered to.
  • Strictly schools fees payments are allowed to be paid into the school’s bank account – no other payments
  • No cheques payments are accepted and penalty fee will be charged on cheques payments.

The following options can be used to pay the school fees;

Option 1;

Bank Institution ABSA Bank
Account Holder Charlton Vos College
Account Number 4068317457

The leaner’s family code reference must be clearly indicated in the reference block, whereupon the accountant will work off the bank statement and allocate it to each individual account.

Option 2;

DEBIT ORDERS can be arranged with the bank and all proof of transaction must be sent to the college account;

Option 3;

EFT (Electronically Bank Transfers / Internet Payments)

The same applies as in Option 1, where the family code reference of a leaner must be clearly indicated or alternatively proof of such payment stays the responsibility of the parent/guardian. The proof of payment MUST be forwarded to the accountant at: and must be followed up (since technical problems may occur).

Fees are payable in advance before the 3rd, of each month and for eleven (11) month of the academic year. This excludes re-registration (current students) or registration (new students). Interest will be charged on ALL overdue accounts and the school reserves the right to refuse or suspend the leaner’s attendance should their account be on arrears. Should it be necessary to hand over the account to legal action or collection, the parent/guardian will be liable for all legal and processes costs arising on an individual account.