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Dear Parents / Guardians:

Please take note of the following important information concerning the rules and regulations of school fee payments, financial queries, refunds etc. as set out in the contract entered into between yourself and Charlton Vos College and further set out in our Financial Policy.

NO CASH are accepted for School fees / or Re-registration fees at our offices, as this puts the schools’ staff and learners at risk and our security is one of our foremost priorities and should strictly be adhered to.

It is parents / guardians responsibility to ensure that they use the CORRECT reference when making a payment towards Charlton Vos College and to use the correct banking details.

ONLY school fees and re-registration fees are permitted to be paid into Charlton Vos College bank account.

Current learners receives statements each month around the 25th for the next month, with their reference codes (Account for family 🙂 indicated on the statement, the school’s banking details and the accountant’s e-mail address.

School fees:

The following options can be used to pay the school fees:

Option 1
CASH deposits at ABSA Bank, Account name: Charlton Vos College, nr. 4068317457
.  The learner’s family code reference must be clearly indicated in the reference block, whereupon the accountant will work from the system we are using – Principal Primary, to capture it accordingly as it appears on the system (payments reflects on the system according to the school’s bank statements).

Option 2
A STOP ORDER can be arranged by the parent / guardian with their bank and again make sure that the parent banking institution use the correct banking details and family code as reference.

Option 3
EFT (Electronically Bank Transfer / Internet Payments)

The same applies as in Option 1 whereas the family code reference of a learner must be clearly indicated.   Payments from another bank towards ABSA should be paid in such a manner that the money reflects on the school’s bank statement NOT later than the 3rd of each month in advance.

The latest bank statements are downloaded onto the system each morning, which reflects the payments made as on the bank statements of the previous day.  If the correct references were used, the payment will reflect on the system and it would automatically be allocated to the correct learners’ account.  Therefor it is not necessary for the proof of payment to be send to the accountant, as long as the correct reference was used.

The parents / guardians should keep the proof of payment safe for if a query should arise, the person who made the payment can supply the accountant with the necessary proof.

School fees are payable in advance by the *3rd of each month for 11 months of the academic year.  This excludes re-registration fees (current students) or registration fees (new applicant).

* Please note that the money must show in the school’s bank account on the 3rd of each month.

Interest and penalty fees of 15% will be charged on ALL overdue accounts (as per signed agreement).  The school reserves the right to refuse the learner attendance nor usage of school transport should an account be in arrears.

If deemed necessary, arrear accounts will be handed over for legal action or collection, where the parent / guardian will be liable for all such costs arising on an individual account, as stipulated in the signed agreement (legal contract) entered into between the parents / guardian and Charlton Vos College.

Events / Outing / Fun day Monies:
All these monies must be paid in cash with the Register teacher, where the teacher will mark all payments received on the necessary class list and send it to the office (during register period) inside their moneybag.

For Gr. R to Gr. 3 learners who are still small, we suggest that the parents put the correct amount of money with all the necessary documents, inside an envelope, staple it inside your child’s diary and remind your child to give the diary to teacher as soon as his or her sees their teacher.

Since we want all correspondence on paper, in order to follow up / refer to a situation:

  1. Send an e-mail to the accountant where upon she will gladly assist in sorting out your query.
  2. Alternatively, the parent can come to school during office hours and see the accountant in person to handle the query.

If a refund is needed by a parent / guardian an e-mail should be send to the accountant whereupon receiving it, the accountant will send back an Application for a Refund* form.  All needed information have to be completed and send back as soon as possible.  After receiving back the completed form, the accountant will obtain all necessary documents (latest statement reflecting credit to be refunded, parents FULL banking details and motivation why the refund is needed).  There will be an R200.00 administration fee deducted from the amount to be refunded, before the refund is done.

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Kind regards,

Mrs. Retha Pretorius
Head of Administration