Code of Conduct

As scholars of Charlton Vos College, the following is of utmost importance to us;

  • We strive to uphold Christian values, as is symbolised in our school badge and motto.
  • We pledge out loyalty to our land and our people, and honour our national anthem and flag as our symbols of our citizenship.
  • The spoken language is precious, and therefore pure and clean speech and proper use of language is held in the highest esteem.
  • We endeavour to uphold the basic values of civilized mankind, such as honesty, trustworthiness, friendliness, punctuality and above all – self-control and to live it completely.
  • We strive to promote and project sincere relations between scholars and staff, as well as between different languages and cultural groups in our land.
  • We accept the constructive discipline, which springs from healthy values, and lead to self-discipline and character building in young people.
  • We endorse the development and practice of leadership in our school, and realise that without leaders who bear vision, our school will have no precise course.
  • We show, to our superiors, the respect and esteem that they deserve and through example, show to our peers, that they can find us trustworthy and that what we say, we are.
  • As proud boys, it is an honour to show the highest respect towards the girls and ladies in our school and our land. As proud girls, we undertake to conduct ourselves in the best way, so that boys and will respect and honour us spontaneously.
  • Due to our high standards of values, our main purpose is not yield to negative peer pressure.
  • We undertake to uphold our school work, school attendance and concern of our school, which are great importance and use our free time constructively.
  • In practice of sports and culture, our aspiration is: Charlton Vos College first. This aspiration however, remains binding to rules of the game and good sportsmanship.
  • “To server the Lord, that is wisdom, to shun evil, that is insight” – Job 28:28