Charlton Vos College of Education is a non-racial, non-denominational, bilingual institution that caters for learners irrespective of race, colour or creed. The medium of instruction is English, with Afrikaans as an additional language. Every family applying for admission at Charlton Vos College shall be given an equal opportunity, irrespective of gender, race or cultural background. Admission to the college will be conditional upon the following;

The leaner meets the minimum academic standard of the grade being applied for. A placement assessment appropriate for the Grade may be administered by the Colleges staff to determine the leaner’s academic profile. That the leaner and parents agree and able and abide by the college’s code of conduct. The parents have fully completed and signed the Parent Contact and returned it to the College.

Prescribed Age;


Grade 0 : Not younger than 6 years and not older than 7 years old.

Foundation Phase

Grade 1 : Not younger than 6 and not older than 8 years old.
Grade 2 : Not younger than 7 and not older than 9 years old.
Grade 3 : Not younger than 8 and not older than 10 years old.

Intermediate Phase (Senior Primary Phase)

Grade 4 : Not younger than 9 and not older than 11 years old.
Grade 5 : Not younger than 10 and not older than 12 years old.
Grade 6 : Not younger than 11 and not older than 13 years old.

Senior Phase

Grade 7 : Not younger than 12 and not older than 14 years old.
Grade 8 : Not younger than 13 and not older than 15 years old.
Grade 9 : Not younger than 14 and not older than 16 years old.

Further Education Phase

Grade 10 : Not younger than 15 and not older than 17 years old.
Grade 11 : Not younger than 16 and not older than 18 years old.
Grade 12 : Not younger than 17 and not older than 19 years old.