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Newsletter 5 – Term 1 – 2018

Good day IMPORTANT LETTER:  ISSUED ON TUESDAY 20 FEBRUARY: Damage of 2 buses after fire –  MONDAY NIGHT School out on Friday 23 February at 11h30 – TEACHERS AWARD – DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION OPEN DAY OF DIRCO: 20 of our kids were invited to attend a programme offered by The Department of International Relations and […]


Very Important NEWS – Buses Burnt

Dear Parents: Click here to download BUSES: An incident took place last night at the school. Two buses that stayed overnight on the premises, took fire and burnt down (nr. 20 and nr. 11/18). No one was around, and no one got hurt. The school nor buildings were affected by this, only the two buses. […]


NEWSLETTER 4 / TERM 1 – 2018

Good Day SCHOOL FEES: All school fees for March 2018 must be paid on or before the 3rd of March 2018.  Make sure that you are using the correct family code when you are doing your payment. The accounts that are in arrears will be handed over for collection to Prosperitas.   Unfortunately we can’t run […]


Newsletter 3 / Term 1 2018

Good day “Welcome February, New Beginnings, New month, New start, new focus, New blessings.  Looking forward to more lessons and more laughter and dedications.” SCHOOL FEES: All school fees for February 2018 must be paid on or before the 3rd of February 2018.  Late payments will result in penalties.  Learners behind in school fees will […]


NEWSLETTER 2 – TERM 1 – 2018

Good day Hope and trust that you had a wonderful week so far?  Time is flying and it is already the second month of the year.  There are so many things to do and so little time, but we work hard to achieve all our goals for this term. We have given important info through […]


Dramakidz Pretoria North

Dear Parent and Learners ; We would like to take this opportunity welcome you and to give you more information about Drama Kidz and the team. Who we are We are a newly established drama group run by Diana Koen, based in Pretoria North and catering for the artistic development of children aged 6 to […]


LETTER 1 – TERM 1 – 2018

Good day Welcome back to all everyone, but a very warm welcome to all the new learners and teachers.  We hope and trust that you have spent quality and quantity time with your family during the past holiday.  We give all thanks to our mighty Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that keeps up save every […]

Newsletter : Letter 31 / Term 4 – 2017

Good day Attachment The school year has come to an end.  It was a very busy and difficult year for many parents and learners.  The teachers did bend over backwards to make sure that all learners are well equipped for the next academic year.  There were many opportunities for all to make a huge success […]


Letter 30 / Term 4 – 2017

Good day Attachment The exam is in full swing and we hope and trust that all learners and parents are working very hard to achieve good results at the end of the year.  We can see that some learners are not preparing for the exam and there will not be another chance to better this […]